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Food is medicine: My 6 weeks of no alcohol and 30 days of vegetarianism

April 2, 2018
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Another 30-day challenge: DONE. Two challenges to be exact: being alcohol-free (for 6 weeks!) and eating a Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (for a month). For those new to my 30-day challenges, I’ve decided to experiment with my food choices to see how it impacts my overall wellbeing. And I’ve been writing to share my experiences with you in hopes that these stories might inspire you to rethink what you’re putting into your body. Last time, I did my challenges simultaneously: no caffeine and no sugar. This time around, I decided to cut out alcohol first for two weeks before embarking on the vegetarianism challenge. That way I could see if one of the changes had a bigger, more-positive impact on my overall well-being versus the other. My assumption was that both of these changes would be good for me and that I’d feel better from both changes. I learned this wasn’t the case for me. Continue Reading…

All About Food

Food is medicine: My 30 days of no caffeine and no sugar

March 12, 2018

“You are what you eat.” Food has a greater impact on your overall well-being than you might believe. I once heard Kevin Plan, CEO and founder of Under Armour say, “It’s absurd that you know more about your car than you know about your body”. That really struck a chord with me. If you think about it, it’s so true. You know what type of gas, the mileage, you know when you need to get the oil changed and a tune up. So why don’t we know all this about our bodies? Why don’t we take better care of ourselves by putting only the best kind of fuel into our bodies? After all, our bodies are like finely tuned vehicles. If you give it good fuel, it will take you places.  Continue Reading…