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Take ownership of your freedom to choose kindness and compassion and show up as a united humanity.

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus. That’s all that is in the news (and on everyone’s minds) these days. It is no longer just a “Chinese virus” or an Italian issue or a problem for the poor countries, those with fragile health systems. Unlike humans, coronavirus, aka COVID-19, is unbiased. It’s an equal-opportunity giver that has traveled more distance and spread faster than any of our wildest imaginations could have fathomed. And while COVID-19 continues to travel far and wide with no end in sight, it has produced the reverse effect on humankind. As city after city heads into lock-down and country after country closes their borders, we are eminently changing the very notion of what travel and freedom mean to humans all over the world. 

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Destinations: Middle East

The Jordan Edition – Beyond Petra: Rummaging through the Desert in Wadi Rum

April 17, 2014

Not many people have Jordan at the top of their “Must Visit” list of travel destinations. Those that do usually only have Jordan in their consideration set because of Petra–one of the New 7 Wonders of the World (also where Transformers was filmed)! While I absolutely loved my experience in Petra, I must admit that Wadi Rum actually topped Petra for me. 

Wadi Rum, known as The Valley of the Moon, is the largest, most beautiful valley in Jordan. The only inhabitants in the area are the several thousand villagers and Bedouins, the nomadic Arabs of the desert. Wadi Rum lacks any sort of real infrastructure aside from the Bedouin goat hair tents, leaving the area quite natural and untouched. With the beautiful landscape of sandstone mountains plus the extensive history, Wadi Rum should be a “Must Visit” on everyone’s list of travel destinations! 

So how exactly do you get here and what can you do in Wadi Rum?
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