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Four London Gems Fit for a Foodie

May 15, 2017

Restaurants, food markets, and bars galore, London is indeed a true foodie paradise. In fact, the abundance of tasty treats also means that there is no shortage of “London top places to eat lists”. The question now is, where do you start? In lieu of listing out the top 100, 50 or even the top 20, I’ll make things simple for you: I’ll offer you my FOUR gems! Continue Reading…

All About Food, Destinations: Europe

Your Guide to the Best Food and Drink of Hamburg

March 14, 2017

Most visits to Germany include Berlin or Munich in the itinerary while Hamburg is often overlooked. Hamburg, tucked away in northern Germany, is the country’s second largest city boasting a tremendous amount of history, beautiful architecture, water activities galore, and of course my favorite: delicious food and tasty beverages! So what’s the best of the best in Hamburg? Continue Reading…

Destinations: Europe

The Turkey Edition: 6 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

March 10, 2014

Oh Turkey! How I Love Thee… Let Me Count the Ways!

Turkey wasn’t always one of my favorite countries. In fact, it never really crossed my mind as a “must-visit” destination. It was a one-off country that seemed cool, but didn’t stick out. Probably because I knew little about it. However, my perspective changed during my two weeks there. I discovered the underwater treasures below the Mediterranean Sea, was mesmerized by the gleaming white thermal pools in Pamukkale, and marveled at the dramatic Cappadocia landscape as I floated from high above in a hot air balloon. Turkey is indeed a hidden gem. What makes Turkey so amazing? I could go on and on and on. But let’s start with just the top 6 reasons:

Continue Reading…