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Take ownership of your freedom to choose kindness and compassion and show up as a united humanity.

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus. That’s all that is in the news (and on everyone’s minds) these days. It is no longer just a “Chinese virus” or an Italian issue or a problem for the poor countries, those with fragile health systems. Unlike humans, coronavirus, aka COVID-19, is unbiased. It’s an equal-opportunity giver that has traveled more distance and spread faster than any of our wildest imaginations could have fathomed. And while COVID-19 continues to travel far and wide with no end in sight, it has produced the reverse effect on humankind. As city after city heads into lock-down and country after country closes their borders, we are eminently changing the very notion of what travel and freedom mean to humans all over the world. 

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Top Breakfast Brunch Spots in Tokyo

June 22, 2015

Tokyo is well-known as a destination to find amazingly fresh sushi and tasty bowls of ramen. But what if you’re just plain tired of sushi and ramen and craving a western breakfast? What if you just want some eggs and pancakes? Given the strong gastronomic culture in Tokyo with the numerous Michelin-rated restaurants, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of mouth-watering western breakfast establishments in Tokyo. In fact, a quickly growing brunch craze has taken over many of Tokyo’s neighborhoods. Lines snake through back alleys and wind around the block at all hours of the day as hungry patrons await their turn to sink their teeth into a light fluffy pancake. Continue Reading…

Destinations: Asia

The Southeast Asia Edition: Vietnam in a Nutshell – Top 5 Things to Do

October 13, 2014
Vietnam has quickly grown in popularity as a top destination. From the beautiful stretches of beaches to the ancient cities and limestone islands–Vietnam’s diversity is astounding. If you are looking for a country with profound history, cuisine, and natural beauty, then look no further. Vietnam is your answer. Here are the top things you should do during your visit to Vietnam.
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Destinations: Asia

The Southeast Asia Edition: Your Top 13 Must-Do’s in Thailand

July 1, 2014
Southeast Asia has always been a backpacking haven. The region attracts the most visitors between November and March when people are looking to escape the cold winter months back home. The interest in this region continues to grow as evidenced by the sheer volume of requests I’ve been receiving for Southeast Asia travel tips. 

“What should I do when I go to Southeast Asia? Any tips on must-visit places?” Well… yes indeed! However, considering the numerous countries that the Southeast Asia travel route encompasses this is a ridiculously TOUGH question to answer. So I thought I’d start this edition with some tips on visiting the travel hub of Southeast Asia: Thailand. If you’re headed off to Thailand, here are the top 13 must-do highlights while you’re visiting. 

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