About Amy

IMG_3031My name is Amy, aka the Hungry Wandering Penguin and I’ve been traveling the world since October 2006. Growing up in Rockville, Maryland, I was never a big traveler and didn’t take my first trip out of the country until I was 25–Canada and a Caribbean cruise don’t count! The first time I truly left the country was on a 2-week trip around Spain. I was a noob traveler: I over packed, didn’t know how to turn on the electricity in the hotel room, and didn’t even know how to use the ATM in Spanish. That trip changed my life. Since then, I have been to 60+ countries and I can’t get enough of it! I travel for the food I eat, the people I meet, and the sheer joy of making connections and sharing my experiences with the world.

The Birth of this Blog:

My food and travel adventures led to a number of requests for food recommendations, travel advice, and everything in between. I love sharing my stories and inspiring others to find their own adventures. The more requests for tips and advice I received, the more I realized that there are a number of highly legitimate reasons why I should probably start a blog. The top 5 reasons (or just the first five that come to mind):

  • I’m pretty well-traveled: 60+ countries in 8 years
  • I know a fair amount about traveling, including how to survive being quarantined in China (yes I was quarantined!)
  • I love food
  • I love taking pictures of food
  • I love sharing my pictures and experiences from travel and… food.

And thus, the Hungry Wandering Penguin was born! A blog about the ramblings of a penguin in search of tasty eats and worldly adventures!

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