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The Argentina Edition: We Are Tango

December 13, 2013
There are numerous options when it comes to Tango in Buenos Aires. Do you want to take a lesson then hit up a Milonga (tango dance hall) to show off your newly acquired moves? Or would you rather sit out on the dancing and just watch some professionals do it?  
I chose to go with “We Are Tango“, a dinner/show where you get to see a tango performance and take a dance lesson after. You can choose to skip the dinner portion and make reservations for the “show only” option, which is what I did.  
Upon arrival you’re greeted with welcome drinks.

  • Option 1: Fernet with coke (I’m sure all my San Francisco friends are quite familiar with Fernet!).
  • Option 2: Hesperidina, a minty orange flavored spirit, served with orange juice. 
  • Option 3: You can go straight to the free-flowing wines served by Sebastian.

During the evening, you are taken through the history of tango. The music, dances and costumes take you through each era. The overall experience is quite intimate with the dancers a mere few feet away from you and no more than 20 in the audience. There were even a few audience participation portions throughout the show!
At the end of the show, the dancers gave a one-hour lesson to the audience members. This turned out to be quite a sight after all the free flowing booze we had consumed! Overall, a very memorable experience that I would highly recommend.

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