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The Argentina Edition: Top 5 Eats in Buenos Aires

December 16, 2013

What do I love as much as traveling? EATING! And Argentina has a fair share of great eats. I could probably go on and on about all the foods/restaurants you should try in Argentina, but I’ll limit this to just a few of my favorites! 

These delicious stuffed breads/pastries are often filled with meats, cheeses, and veggies then fried or baked. Easy to find anywhere and very wallet-friendly!
Helado, aka ice cream, in Argentina is a creamy decliousness that has a gelato-type consistency and taste. Not surprising since there’s a strong Italian influence in Argentina. The ice cream come in cups, cones, or bowl cones. Heladeria’s are open into the whee hours of the evening (i.e.,1 or 2am) and you can even have ice cream delivered to you! I would highly recommend trying Helado from the larger chains such as Freddo or Persicco as well as the smaller shops. Just make sure the sign says “helado artesanal” to get the freshest quality. And be sure to try the Dulce de Leche flavor–it’s a staple in Argentina!
Yes pizza! It’s totally different in Argentina, though maybe not a good “different” for everyone. There’s no sauce. It’s similar to your Chicago deep dish pizza–a thick piece of dough loaded with a ton of cheese and topped off with various toppings of your choosing. Then the pizza is thrown into a wood oven. Above is the “Kentucky Special” (topped with anchovies, mushrooms, hearts of palm, and sweet roasted peppers) from Pizzeria Kentucky–a 24-hour pizzeria in Buenos Aires. Great for hangovers! Not that I’m saying it from personal experience or anything…
What more can I say? Malbecs are my favorite wine and one of the reasons I had been wanting to visit Argentina! Enjoy a glass.. or two. 

The meat in Argentina is amazing and you haven’t experienced Argentina unless you’ve had some. It would actually be quite difficult to leave this country without having had any! Their grass-fed cows lend to a very tender, delicious flavor unlike what we get from corn-fed American cattle that are injected with hormones. Parillas (steakhouses) are in abundance and range from high end to simple, no-nonsense restaurants filled with hungry locals. Go try them all!

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